About Me

Hi! I’m Mia, a super cool sixth grader.  I love rock climbing because it always feels so good to finish a climb.

I’m no technology whiz, but I definetly do have some pro skills here’s why: I used to be scared of technology and was nervous about things like making websites and apps, but then I tried Technovation – a super cool competition that helps you make technology to tackle real problems. I really recommend you try it. I think that trying Technovation really opened up a new window, and it’s probably why I was able to build this website and the Roblox squad. Anyways, I also have an American Bulldog named Coco, and I absolutely LOVE animals. I really care about the climate because the world is just so fascinating and magical. There are still places that are almost completely unbothered by humans, and these rare spots don’t need any more CO2 from our gassy cars. But I also think that with the right people leading our country, we can fix this.

So, YOU need to get your parents to vote for the person that fulfills your values because this is your future we’re talking about.

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