5 steps for every kid in America to get their parents to vote

Why This is so Important

Are the fires affecting you? What about the smoke? If not, how about the hurricanes? COVID? Online school? No mailbox? Terrible racism? Did your parents lose their job? Or are they being forced to work harder than ever? With all this, what if your future going to look like? Think about it for a second. If all of this could happen in just one year, what would our lives be like in 50? What would our children and grandchildren’s lives look like? Us kids can’t vote, but our parents and their friends can. And you have the power to convince them to vote, not for them, but for you. If we don’t change anything, life in just another four years will be a mess. And all messes have be cleaned up, so why can’t we do it now, early, while it’s not as big as the one in your room right now. If your parents vote, we will have a president that knows how to take care of climate change, COVID, racism, and try to fix all the different things going on right now while being empathetic. Because fighting won’t make anything better, even if it’s your little sister. Let me tell you how YOU can help fix this.

You already did Step 1! Here are the other four:

Join the Roblox Squad

Do you play Roblox? I do, and I even made a squad! You can join it here. I made a Roblox game in which you get to pick and choose different courses (depending on different battleground states) in an Obby, to win points and become the President! If you think this sounds interesting, visit the Events page.

Customize the Google Doc

Once you have joined the Roblox Squad, you need to customize this doc. To do so, click File, then make a copy, then deselect all the boxes, and re-name the file Kid Voice Steps (your state) Version. For example, if you live in Oregon, you would re-name the file Kid Voice Steps Oregon Version. Then, another tab titled Kid Voice Steps (your state) Version should pop up. Then, I need you to click on the first link, and once you get to the website, click on your state. Then, try to take in as much information as possible, and write it down in your copy of the doc. You want to write all the information that is on the site in a little paragraph right above the numbered list. If you have a printer, make sure to print a copy, because you’ll need it soon. After that, you are all set and ready to head to the next step!

Here are a few states that I have started to create plans for:

Talk to Your Parents

The fourth step is to convince your parents to vote for what you think is right. You should tell them what you value, and about how your future will depend on their vote. You can ask them what their values are, and listen to their answers. Do they value the same things? If they have the same values, that’s great! Tell them that they should vote for the president that lines up with their values, not their party. Then, you can comment on what worked and what didn’t here. After that, you can move on to step four. If they have different values, ask them if they are planning to vote. If they are, ask who, and if they aren’t ask why. If they aren’t voting because they think it takes to much work, you should give them the print out of the doc you customized and tell them there are only five steps. If they agree to vote, celebrate, and put the print out on your fridge. This is a very important step, so I’m going to say it again. If your parents agree to vote, put the print out on your fridge, and start following the steps. If they are voting for a president that you think won’t do a good job or one that doesn’t have the same values as you, just straight up say that and tell them that you don’t think they are a good candidate. From there, your thoughts and words will probably just flow to your head, because this is something you care about. I don’t really have a good understanding of how to convince your parents to change their values, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try so GO YOU!!!!!!! If they have different values, try discussing them further, and try standing in their shoes, to see what they are feeling. If they have very strong values that are still different than yours, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe you can just be confident and confront them by saying something like “My friends and my future are in your hands. You need to vote for someone who will make good decisions and take care of our world because there is no planet B.”

Tell your Friends!

If your parents agree to vote, put the print out on your fridge, and start following the steps.

Yay!!!! You finished four of the steps! The last ( but definitely not least) step is to tell all your friends about them! If they are a tough cookie and don’t want to, at least get them to join the Roblox squad! This is so important because it’s about your future!!!!

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